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Application for the Pat Fletcher Scholarship Foundation is open to any Canadian student under the age of 25 who is in need of financial assistance for the purpose of pursuing an education at the post secondary level.

What is the Selection Criteria?
The Foundation is looking to support candidates who demonstrate the following:

  • A dedication to their studies with a track record of academic success
  • A well-rounded lifestyle including non-academic interests and community involvement
  • An interest and ability in golf and a respect for the traditions of the game

When Should I Apply?
Interested candidates should apply during their senior year of high school, outlining colleges and universities for which admission has been applied or accepted. Applications should be received on or before May 31st.

What are the Amounts of the Scholarships Awarded?
Bursaries of up to $3,000 per year are awarded to be put towards tuition, books, room and board. Recipients are expected to re-apply on a yearly basis outlining their academic and athletic achievements in order to receive continued support from the Foundation.

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